FCC approves SCR for 93.5 FM over City of Syracuse

93.5 FM Predicted Coverage

We have been approved for 250 watts on 93.5 FM centered over downtown Syracuse. The map above shows the expected coverage. This exciting development should finally allow us to realize our long sought dream of bringing grassroots, community radio to the City of Syracuse and beyond. We are now in the process of working out numerous technical details, but hope to be on the air by this summer. The strongest portion of this signal will be over the City of Syracuse proper, along with many of the outlying suburbs and the Onondaga Nation. The "hotter" the color on the above map, the stronger the signal strength should be. The "blue" areas of the map, for example, will be car listening only, while clock radios and other poor receivers should be able to pick up the signal in the "red" areas.

The FCC approved this application in January 2014, even though it was originally filed all the way back in March 2003. This is a "translator", which means it will repeat an FM signal originating on a different FM frequency. Our goal is for it to repeat our LPFM station we applied for, though if that takes too long, we will rebroadcast our existing WXXE instead, though we will need to make technical changes to make that work realistically. Either way, we hope to work out all the technical issues, purchase and set up equipment and then get this on the air as soon as possible in 2014.

We also have a pending LPFM application for 92.5 FM

In November 2013, SCR applied for a low power FM station (LPFM) at 26 watts on 92.5 FM centered in the DeWitt area. This will cover the eastern suburbs where our 93.5 FM signal will be weak and replace our extremely weak WXXE signal as the primary source for our new 93.5 FM translator. However, our application is in a "mutually exclusive" (MX) conflict with another LPFM application filed in the name of Manlius Pebble Hill School (MPH). That application is also for 92.5 FM but at 16 watts, though covering essentially the same area because of tower height differences. We have been trying to communicate with MPH to work out a collaborative agreement to settle this conflict, but so far to no avail. More details on this as they develop.